I have been Reading some blogs from different photographers that are very interesting and fun! One is called “Project 24” this one is from  This one is pretty challenging but it’s very interesting and fun, I have been doing it but I haven’t finished, i’m hoping to finish it slowly but surely. The other one is the “toy photo project” this one came from Melissa Gibson photography. This project call my attention because it had to do with toys… She got frustrated with her kids toys all over the house, but thought about doing something with them. She started looking at her kids playing with them and thought of how can I photographed these toys and have my kids remember them when they’re grown. So she started taking pictures of these toys in different scenes, it is a wonderful project. You don’t have to be a professional but if you are a mom you can do this as a project even with your kids. Try it it’s very fun!  I started doing this and now I can’t wait to keep on finding other idea.  To read her blog and story about the toy photo project go to Melissa Gibsons… And for the list of the project 24 go to Florabella It is spring so is the good time to go out and explore other ideas for photos even with your kids. Have fun!