I find my self writing a post a little sooner than what i expected, but i was listening to a song that i really love and made me think of a few things, so i will share them here. Its really amazing how a “picture” well taken or not, when we look at it , it brings so many memories back, good or bad. I was thinking the other day, that when you look at a picture you can re-live the feelings, the smells, emotions, etc. from that day and moment, sometimes even after years and years from when it happened (The same goes of a song but that is a different blog 🙂 ). Thats why photos  are memories. To me, and I’m sure that to a lot of people its so important to have them because its one of the few ways to remember and cherish the people we love and places we went and things we did through the years, because our minds sooner or later will start to forget certain things until we are reminded again by those pictures. This song i was listening is exactly what I’m talking about here, Im sure that most of us have at least “One” picture that is so dear to us, framed and placed somewhere in our homes to remind us of that moment and memory forever, even if it starts to fade away. if you have not heard of this song before please google it or youtube it and listen to it even if its once, you can find it in english or spanish… “Fotografia” or “Your Picture”-by Gloria Estefan….Great song! Listen to it and feel free to let me know what you think about it!Image