I have been blessed! I was offered an opportunity a few months ago to work together with a law firm and an adoption agency to photograph families as their adoptions process came to a close. I said Yes, even though it was going to be a pro bono  work. It has been the best work I have done. Every time I get a new family to photograph, I get so excited. I want to go and meet these wonderful families….the parents and these beautiful children too! Every time I meet one it reminds me of a very good friend of mine that adopted a girl ten years ago and I got to  see and be part of the whole thing since the beginning , and seeing how much love this girl has received through the years and how happy she is , makes me so happy. So as I do this I feel happy for them and for me cause I can be a part of them too (in a way). I am so glad that we have families and people that have the heart of gold to take these kids in and love them so much. I wish we would have more people, more families like the ones that I have been blesses to photograph.