DIY Wall Decor

Easy and very affordable wall decoration. Im in the process of turning my son’s bedroom into a super hero one! So that said I had a wall that was empty and needed some decor, I thought of what to put up… and came up with the idea of framed superhero logos. I looked around, and what I found around in stores, if any, were a little over the budget, but this craft idea was the perfect one! Safe canvas that if they fall they won’t break or cut my son and they look pretty good , but what is better , they were pretty easy and inexpensive.

For around $35 I got the canvas and paint. just trace the logo or design, paint it and its ready to hang.

Thing you need:

– canvas

–  acrylic paint

– small paint brush






“Toy Story” Project

I was reading a blog not long ago from photographer Melissa Gibbons on photographing toys,and i loved it! it gave me ideas and inspired me to photograph what i have so many around my house now (all over the house) 🙂 … TOYS…! Well I started taking some shots and here i go, on a journey to create stories with toys, it is very fun! If you have kids and toys all around, don’t get frustrated , start taking some pictures too, i would love to see some pictures of what you created!

DSC_0132DSC_0161DSC_1117 copy copyDSC_0865 copy copyDSC_0156 copy copy

Photo projects for fun!


I have been Reading some blogs from different photographers that are very interesting and fun! One is called “Project 24” this one is from  This one is pretty challenging but it’s very interesting and fun, I have been doing it but I haven’t finished, i’m hoping to finish it slowly but surely. The other one is the “toy photo project” this one came from Melissa Gibson photography. This project call my attention because it had to do with toys… She got frustrated with her kids toys all over the house, but thought about doing something with them. She started looking at her kids playing with them and thought of how can I photographed these toys and have my kids remember them when they’re grown. So she started taking pictures of these toys in different scenes, it is a wonderful project. You don’t have to be a professional but if you are a mom you can do this as a project even with your kids. Try it it’s very fun!  I started doing this and now I can’t wait to keep on finding other idea.  To read her blog and story about the toy photo project go to Melissa Gibsons… And for the list of the project 24 go to Florabella It is spring so is the good time to go out and explore other ideas for photos even with your kids. Have fun!


I find my self writing a post a little sooner than what i expected, but i was listening to a song that i really love and made me think of a few things, so i will share them here. Its really amazing how a “picture” well taken or not, when we look at it , it brings so many memories back, good or bad. I was thinking the other day, that when you look at a picture you can re-live the feelings, the smells, emotions, etc. from that day and moment, sometimes even after years and years from when it happened (The same goes of a song but that is a different blog 🙂 ). Thats why photos  are memories. To me, and I’m sure that to a lot of people its so important to have them because its one of the few ways to remember and cherish the people we love and places we went and things we did through the years, because our minds sooner or later will start to forget certain things until we are reminded again by those pictures. This song i was listening is exactly what I’m talking about here, Im sure that most of us have at least “One” picture that is so dear to us, framed and placed somewhere in our homes to remind us of that moment and memory forever, even if it starts to fade away. if you have not heard of this song before please google it or youtube it and listen to it even if its once, you can find it in english or spanish… “Fotografia” or “Your Picture”-by Gloria Estefan….Great song! Listen to it and feel free to let me know what you think about it!Image

Hidden Mickey

There is a thing called Hidden Mickey and of course since I love Disney so much, I looked into it. There is book that Disney sells and also you can get at amazon and Im sure at other places too, but it shows you how to hunt for Hidden Mickey around the Disney parks, Resorts, Restaurants, etc. It has the option to do it as a family in a hunt game with clues or by yourself. You can also go straight to the hints and find them. So being me the Disney fan, I bought it and started the hunt. it was pretty fun, some were easy to find but other are a little harder. Here are some of the pictures I took of the famous Hidden Mickeys”


there are three yellow paint spots that make mickeys face by the eye

there are three yellow paint spots that make mickeys face by the eye


this one is at the star wars store

this one is at the star wars store

studio lights at a coffee shop ceiling

studio lights at a coffee shop ceiling

Good Photo Tips

I have been reading the book “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Peterson. Although I am not done yet I have been getting some good tips and advises on how to take better pictures by “guess what”…understanding exposure!

One thing that he said was that most of his pictures are outside but are taken in a “Cloudy” setting and he rarely changes it! i got to try that more often, his reasons for that are in the book.

Another cool tip…this one I have heard before. On a bright sunny day you are better off shooting in the early morning or from late afternoon to dusk. The light between 11:00am and 3:00pm he calls it poolside light, its too bright and the light will reflect off differently not giving you a good balance and your pictures are not going to look that great.

Well he has so many other tips so i definately recomend  his book. You don’t have to be a profesional to take good pictures.

You can get it at amazon (at least thats where i got mine) “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan PetersonImage

Portraits of Loving Families

I have been blessed! I was offered an opportunity a few months ago to work together with a law firm and an adoption agency to photograph families as their adoptions process came to a close. I said Yes, even though it was going to be a pro bono  work. It has been the best work I have done. Every time I get a new family to photograph, I get so excited. I want to go and meet these wonderful families….the parents and these beautiful children too! Every time I meet one it reminds me of a very good friend of mine that adopted a girl ten years ago and I got to  see and be part of the whole thing since the beginning , and seeing how much love this girl has received through the years and how happy she is , makes me so happy. So as I do this I feel happy for them and for me cause I can be a part of them too (in a way). I am so glad that we have families and people that have the heart of gold to take these kids in and love them so much. I wish we would have more people, more families like the ones that I have been blesses to photograph.

Photography for Me

Photography: the art, science and practice of creating pictures by recording radiation on a radiation-sensitive medium, such as a photographic film, or electronic image sensors.

Photography has many other meanings depending on who you ask. Every photographer can tell a different story even though it follows the same steps. For some, like Anne Guedes, it will be the expression and tenderness of a child in nature and to others, such as Ansel Adams, it’s the sense of splendor and beauty of nature. Dorothea Lange and Alfred Eisenstaedt show us what is happening around the world in a journalistic way while SteveMcCurry will enlighten us with his documentary style photography. Areal views on William Garnett’s photos, portraits and heritage by Yousuf Karsh on and on it goes as seen by so many photographers now and then.

For me photography is that and more, it’s capturing a piece of life that we have lived and being able to remember it and cherish it again and again. It’s about freezing a moment with imagination, it’s the way to express who we are. Photography for me is memories for a lifetime.


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